I as the author owns all exclusive rights to my dolls, photos, pictures, images, and materials posted on my website and on the Internet.


My copyright will be violated:

- if my doll will be illegally issued or published under a false name.

- if you created a copy of my dolls or portions of it for profit and sale.

- if in relation to my dolls will be noticed the plagiarism.

Plagiarism is expressed in the publication under the name of my doll, as well as borrowing fragments of dolls, photos, images without specifying the source of borrowing.


What is plagiarism

The concept of plagiarism does not have a completely definite content, and in special cases it is not always possible to unambiguously separate it from adjacent concepts: imitation, borrowing and other similar cases of similarity of works. In any case, the coincidence of individual ideas is usually not plagiarism, since any new works are based in some way on ideas that do not belong to the author. Source: Wikipedia

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”