New doll - young body

Hello my good ones. Today I would like to present to you a completely new project - a teenage girl of 11-13 years old.

Mold Angel. 32 cm

Technical photos! Without painting the body, so without clothes.

I started making a girl about a year ago. I kept thinking whether this body would be stylized with thin (or wide) and elongated (or shortened) proportions, whether it was necessary to deliberately introduce some kind of puppetry, or still stop at real proportions.

And I was not mistaken when I chose the second option 😍 . In the doll world, there are enough stylized dolls of babies and teenagers. Therefore, I certainly wanted a little live man. It's all so neat and harmonious without unnecessary hinges, but with beautiful

I received a lot of letters about it. Thank you for being with me. And thank you for your interest in it. 💋 💋

This particular baby is not for sale. This is my personal copy.

According to the terms, the dolls (32 cm) will be available for purchase in about a month. Now I need to finish the remaining adult dolls according to the last pre-order.

Some new babies will be available immediately without pre-order.

Within a month, I will introduce you to this girl-doll, its capabilities and additional details to the body. I hug everyone. цен Price questions later.

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